Being Labeled as a “Tech Savvy’ Mom

tsYou can never tell how many struggles you have to do in order to bring up a good generation ahead. There are great moments of joy right from the time you become a mother, but there are times of huge disappointments and disgust during the journey too. But as I have always believed – it is not quite about the destination, but the journey that you should cherish more than anything. So my motherhood has been awesome with my awesome babies.

It’s a full roller coaster ride and you, being a ruthless and stubborn mother, have to show kids the right way to life in every possible way. I do scream at the top of my lungs to get my message across but I make sure that my kids don’t catch this bad habit from me. Funny thing, but a lot of fun too. Believe you me, kids can be very hopeless to tame or mould in your desired shape. But the experience is so worth it.

I always fall flat on my face when my kids mention anything that has to do with tech. Be it their arduous assignments that need technical facts to be searched via internet or just a new gadget that I find hard to operate – my kids would cackle at my innocent face while my fingers manipulate the poor technical thing desperately.

Several times, one of my kiddos would intentionally ask me something technical right from my personal phone to see if I really know my phone. He’d go saying, ‘Mom, when will you learn?’. Phew, me and my embarrassment is left sobbing but this is quite pretentious from my side as I hate to miss any chance of making my naughty babies laugh. They tried these smart tricks on their tech-novice mom especially when I got a new cell phone after I finally decided to sell my phone which was old and ‘not compatible with recent technical advancements’.

Thanks to my kids, I really have learnt a lot about tech during all these games. I am not yet sure if my kids can be proud of their not so tech-savvy mom but I am as hell sure that they love me anyway. Kids today are smarter and take the lead in so many things that their parents hardly know about – which is dangerously wonderful. Somewhat bitter-sweet, but for a mother who knows that her kids enjoy the relation that tech has built between her and her kids, it’s honey-sweet.

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