Why Buying Used Sheets May Not Always Be a Good Idea

I’m such a big fan of beddings and I especially love it when I’m able to score expensive beddings at a cheaper price. I absolutely love cheap thrills like that because it makes my shopping experience so much more exciting and interesting at the same time.

Recently, I was able to purchase a BeBe bedding set that is totally adorable. I not only love the printed pattern design on the sheets but I equally love how it is so comfortable and how great its insulation is every time I sleep. I am warm when it’s cold outside and nice and cool when it’s hot outside!

One day as I was folding my sheets, I was surprised to find 2 dog ticks on my sheets which totally freaked me out. I immediately ran to my dog and was horrified to discover that my beloved dog was in fact the culprit of the creepy crawlies that I had recently found on my brand new bed sheets!

Of course, as a responsible dog owner, I already know what the best solution to any flea problem is capstar for dogs.

I’ve had to use it a couple times already in the past year since let’s be honest, fleas are inevitable especially on dogs. I usually keep an extra stash at home but I guess this time, I wasn’t so lucky. I quickly ran to the closest vet to purchase a new and fresh supply of my flea warrior medications.

Administering this medication on my dogs has actually gotten better and better every time and thankfully, the effects of the medicine on my dogs are still the same.

I know I can always rely on Capstar flea treatment to alleviate any and all of my flea problems whether if it’s with my cats or my dogs. Now all I have to do is make sure my house is flea free just so I don’t have to worry about another infestation any time soon!

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